If you’re having problems slashing digits off your monthly data plan, Opera Mini can help you solve your troubles through its new added features–Data Usage page and Opera Turbo.

Opera has just updated its Android app to include the two said features. With the updated  Opera browser app for Android, the Opera Turbo option compresses data up to 80%, giving  you faster browsing speed while lowering your monthly data consumption.

The new browser also includes the Data Usage feature to help you monitor your data use and  even determine how much data you have saved.

Opera Mobile is a smart choice in lowering your expensive wireless data plans by reducing  your data usage. The browser only uses a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers by  squeezing webpages up to 80% of their original sizes. The browser’s streamlined rendering  and server-side compression allows you to load webpages faster than any other mobile  phone browser.

Opera Mobile also carries a clean, simple, and enhanced user interface, which lets you navigate efficiently on both touchscreen and keypad devices.

Multitasking, synchronization, and instant access have also been improved in the browser. The tab allows you to swiftly browse multiple sites. See your favorite sites on your screen in Speed Dial, and open each with one tap. You can also sync your sites on your desktop using Opera Link.

For a faster, smoother, and cheaper mobile browsing, try Opera Mobile for free on your Android device.

How does the current browser on your Android device compare with the updated Opera mobile browser app?