Those will keen eyes might notice something in the The Verge’s Nexus announcement video from a while back: an updated version of Google Currents.

If you’ve never used it before, Google Currents is essentially Google’s version of Flipboard, a magazine style reader app for mobile devices. The app hasn’t been talked about much since it’s release in December of 2011, but with this new update, that might change.

Google Currents hasn’t been updated since June, so it could be due for an update. The new look appears to be inspired by the Google+ Android app. The image below shows what a newly updated Google Currents might look like on the Nexus 10.

No announcement of a new version of Google Currents has been made, but as it comes preinstalled on Nexus devices now, Google may be waiting until the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 go on sale on Tuesday, November 13. It’s possible that the version of the app seen in the video is just a prototype, but it’s unlikely Google would have allowed it to be recorded if this was the case.

Are you a Google Currents user? What features would you like to see if the app does indeed get an update?

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