The Android Market is literally the backbone of the platform. A venue for apps to be shared and obviously one of the big sources of income for Google on the platform, it has become the central clearinghouse of apps that every one needs. Well, shortly after a brief announcement, the Android Market is getting itself an update. It’s to be a rolling one so a few users will be getting it first, then others will follow.

So how to go about updating your version of the Market? It’s pretty simple – you don’t even have to root your phone.

First of all, download from the appropriate sources. Be sure that they’re legitimate places though – you may get something nasty instead of an update. Next open it up on your App Manager then select Update. That’s all there is to it. If you do it right, your Market version will now be v 3.0.26.

So what changes to expect? Well, as you’ve seen some of the screens, they’ve updated the user interface. It’s a bit crowded with the hover bar, but still serviceable. However, Google could have cleared up more space though.

New additions are the inclusion of Movies and Books sections. This means that you can order your favorite movies and books and read or watch them on your device. Unfortunately, rooted device can’t play the movies made available – probably a DRM thing.

Finally, you can now switch between multiple Market accounts. All you have to do is just click Menu > Accounts and you can move from account to account in a jiffy.

Further features may still be undiscovered; it’s new after all. Still it’ll be interesting how this all works out.

Source: Android Police

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