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It’s time for another App Update Roundup, this time it’s the turn of ESPN’s Fantasy Football, FedEx Delivery Manager, SMS syncing software Mighty Text, and the very handy Remember the Milk.

ESPN Fantasy Football

Good news for fantasy football fans, ESPN’s Fantasy Football Android app has already been updated for the upcoming 2013 NFL season, so you can start preparing your dream team well in advance.

ESPN Fantasy Football

The update keeps the old functionality intact; team management, notifications; news, videos, live scores, etc are all unchanged. The user interface remains the same as well, although they have spruced up the logo a little bit.

You will be able to select and manage multiple teams, players, and free agents with the updated ESPN Fantasy Football 2013 app, but really it’s just a season roll-over update more than anything else. I suspect some users were hoping for some drastically new features, but even so there’s no reason not to update early in preparation for the coming season.


Anyone who’s an avid online shopper in the US probably uses the FexEx mobile app to track their precious shipments. Although previously some users had complained about the lack of functionality with FedEx’s package tracking app, the new 2.0 update which went live on April 23rd should go some way to addressing these complaints and aims make the whole process much easier.

FedEx Mobile

The update includes an all new “Delivery Manager” which, as the title suggests, allows you to manage various aspects of your delivery, providing that you have a working FedEx account. From here you can re-schedule the delivery, have your item delivered to another address, add delivery instructions, schedule a vacation hold, or have your package held at a FedEx location for a later delivery. You can also sign for a package from the mobile app, although I have to admit that I’m not exactly sure how that works.

On top of that there are a few bug fixes, and the app retains all of its original functionality as well.

Unfortunately the user interface is still pretty basic and feature lacking. Navigating your way around can be a pain at times, and overall it’s still not that nice to look at. But it does its job, and the new features certainly give you greater control over your FedEx deliveries whilst you’re out and about.

Mighty Text

The Mighty Text developers are certainly on the ball when it comes to updates, as the app has constantly received plenty of new content since its original launch. As a Mighty Text user myself I’m pleased to find that the app has received another big update with some helpful additions for syncing across multiple devices.

Mighty Text App

The new update adds photo and video syncing from your phone directly to your Mighty Text account, which you can then instantly access from any other synced device. All you have to do to get started is enable the feature on your Android phone; you can then manage your uploaded images and share them from the Mighty Text web interface. The feature is currently in beta, but everything is working as well as you could hope for.

There are the usual settings for syncing either over WiFi only or over data if you have a big enough allowance. There also doesn’t appear to be a storage limit at the moment, so you can upload as much as you want.

The only real downside seems to be that the images are compressed, so it’s not ideal if you want somewhere to store your snaps in full quality. Hopefully this will be addressed once the feature moves out of the beta test. The app also isn’t working with the tablet version just yet, but this feature is in the works.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is one of Android’s most popular “to-do list” apps on the Play Store, and is packed full of features to help you keep track of all your important tasks.

Remember the Milk app

Yesterday Remember the Milk was updated to version 3.0, which brings with a complete redesign which has been built specifically with tablets in mind. Most obviously you’ll notice a whole new swanky interface, making the app much more pleasing to look at. The UI will also automatically adapt to larger screen sizes, so it can finally take advantage of all that space available on tablet screens.

The widgets and notifications have also received a touch-up, and the card stacking interface is really easy to navigate around.

As well as a makeover there are also a few helpful new features too. You can now increase your productivity by editing multiple tasks at the same time, and you can simply swipe items away when you’re done with them.

If you’d like a closer look at the changes in the 3.0 update, then check out this video preview.

[embed, width=”645″]![/embed]

The update is now live on the Google Play Store, if the app hasn’t automatically updated already.

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