image_46According to the Spanish Engadget reporting from Barcelona at the MWC, Acer are set to launch 2 ‘secret’ handsets this year running Android. This is on top of the 8 other handsets running various operating systems (primarily Windows Mobile) that they have already announced. Unfortunately, we have no second source to back up these claims, but the pictures are real and the site is usually very creditable.

The Acer representative was asked the usual question about the possibility of phones running Android, but instead of the customary inconclusive remarks, the rep actually wacked out his notebook and started drawing a product roadmap, incorporating the previous 8 models already announced, but also adding 2 new Android models.

The tricky thing is deciding when these puppies will be released. The drawing clearly separates the phones due for release sometime during the first half of this year, from the phones that will be released during the second half. The ‘secret’ Android devices, which aside from the actual technical specifics aren’t really that secret any more, have no time frame written next to them. This would indicate that Acer is willing to tease us but not reveal anything other than that Android is on the cards.

Perhaps if the representative had said we expect to have two devices possibly running Android this year, it would have been slightly less convincing. However, everyone knows a picture if worth a thousand words!

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.