Imagine an HTC Android phone inheriting the HTC Sensation 4G’s face and the HTC myTouch 4G’s size and rounder corners. That was exactly what came to our minds when we finally saw the HTC Ruby in its full frontal–albeit blurry–photo, courtesy of Pocketnow.

Details about the HTC Ruby’s specs remain nil for now, except for hints of a rear-facing camera with dual-LED flash and the T-Mobile logo printed on its bezel, suggesting what the HTC Ruby’s destination might be. Since this latest photo of the HTC Ruby shows it at an angle, we can’t make a confident guess about its screen size, although we’re suspecting it’s probably the same as the HTC myTouch 4G’s.

An earlier leak photo alleged to be of the HTC Ruby also confirmed that Android is blessing the device with its presence.

Could this be one of the 8 upcoming Android devices that HTC promises to unleash in the third quarter? If so, it will definitely have specs worthy of a mid- to high-range Android device, since HTC has vowed to pour more effort into that segment of the smartphone market in order to strengthen its competitive edge.

Any suggestion as to what features you want or don’t want to see on this HTC device?

Image credit: Pocketnow, Flickr