In an interview with CNET, Clearwire’s CEO, Bill Morrow, mentioned that both the upcoming Samsung and HTC 4G smartphones that his company will offer later this year will be Android based. In its earnings release last week, only the Samsung device was specified as being Android-based. From the CNET interview:

Q: There’s been some talk about a 4G phone for Clearwire’s network. Can you provide any more details?
A: We will be launching phones later this year from HTC and Samsung. And there will be others in 2011. The Samsung phone will be one of first to be designed for video communications. It will leverage the benefits of our low-latency network to offer better-quality video that can be used for video conferencing and other video applications. We’re really excited about it. Both phones will be Google Android-based. So they’ll have the same easy user interface and access to the Android Market for apps.