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What device coming in the next months are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward in the world of Android over the next few months? What device gets your pulse racing? What upcoming phone or tablet is on your wishlist?
January 24, 2014
Friday Debate aa (1)

In this edition of the Friday Debate, we look forward to a new season of hot Android smartphones and tablets. From the Galaxy S4 and the HTC M8, to the LG G Pro 2 and the Sony Sirius, we have plenty of appetizing high-end devices on the horizon. With MWC 2014 kicking off in a few weeks, new smartphones are just around the corner. And then there are the tablets, the wearables, and – we hope – the surprises.

So, what are you looking forward in the world of Android over the next few months? What device gets your pulse racing? What upcoming phone or tablet is on your wishlist?

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Kevin Nether

In this next up and coming months I’m mostly excited about a rumored device, the aforementioned Google Now watch. It seems that everything is pointing to Google developing one, or maybe it’s just our mental projections assuming they need to make one. Regardless of the case, I want to see Google’s take on a smartwatch and see how it ties in with newer builds of Android. This smart watch should focus on Android’s best feature: Google Now. Wearables will become more common over the next few years, and I’m sure Google is aware of this. My guess is that Google will release it during the same time as they announce the next Nexus tablet sometime this summer.

Beyond me just hoping and wishing for a Google Smartwatch, I’m really excited to see how HTC can improve on the HTC One. I felt the HTC One was HTC’s best smart phone they had since the days of Windows Mobile. The HTC One Two (terrible name by the way), should build on what the HTC One did well. I’m a fan of building the phone out of metal to give that premium feel, rather than the run of the mill plastic. As I’ve been on record in saying, I feel the spec war is not as important as optimization of the hardware and software. The Moto X is still one of the best running phones, even if the specs are not top of the line. I want an optimize experience, with great build materials. Now let’s hope HTC could do this.

Joe Hindy

The next series of flagship devices for me. The old “I need to upgrade” itch is starting to take hold and I can’t wait to see what the OEMs are coming out with this year. The Galaxy S5, the HTC One 2 (or HTC Two? Or whatever it’s called), the Xperia Z2, the next LG phone (rumored to be out by summer), and pretty much every one of them. This year is going to be an important year for everyone for a lot of reasons. Samsung needs to do something fresh because the S4 wasn’t a mammoth jump from the S3. The HTC Two (One Two? Ugh HTC, your naming conventions) needs to build on the slowly restored customer satisfaction the HTC One started. The next LG and Sony phones should be promoting their brands equally well. Everyone seems to be on the up and up and, thus, I can’t wait to see their phone offerings.

The two I’m most excited about are HTC’s upcoming offering and the Xperia Z2. I loved the HTC One and it may have been my favorite smartphone of 2013. For the Z2, I’ve always wanted a Sony product and it seems like the Z2 may make it to the states on time this year.

It’s a simple answer, but I’m not the only one. Can’t wait to see what the giants release in the coming months!

Robert Triggs

As usual we Android fans are spoilt for choice over the next few months. Samsung, Sony, HTC, and LG are all prepping some awesome sounding hardware.

I’m actually quite looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S5. I could never get behind the Galaxy S4 due to its focus on software upgrades, but as soon as I heard the Galaxy S5 would be “back to basics” I was immediately interested. If Samsung can keep things simple yet innovative, like the amazing Galaxy S2, then they’ll be on to a real winner in my book.

However the hardware game has changed a bit since those old days, everyone’s offering really high quality stuff. I’m also particularly looking forward to the LG G3, as the G2 was possibly my favourite handset of last year. If LG can offer some outstanding hardware at a price lower than everyone else again, then I might just have to jump off the Samsung ship.

Aside from that I’m keen to see if Intel’s Bay Trail tablets are actually any good. Price is going to be a key issue here though, as there are already plenty of great Android tablets on sale at very reasonable prices.

If I peer even further into the future, the gamer in me really wants to see Nvidia’s Tegra K1 in action, possibly in a new Nvidia Shield. Ideally though, I want someone to build a SteamOS and Android dual-boot gaming tablet with the Tegra K1. Hook up some Bluetooth controllers or a keyboard/mouse combo and you have a product that’s far more interesting than OUYA, or any of the other mini Android gaming consoles. But that’s just wishful thinking I suppose.

What do YOU think?

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