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Upcoming Android phones from Dell?

February 4, 2009
As PC sales fall due to the current economic climate, companies such as Dell are pushing for new revenue streams to offset their falling profits. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell have had engineers working on a mobile phone for the last year; we may even see a breach into the phone market as soon as this month. Although this is all hearsay at the moment, it is an interesting concept. If true, the word on the street is that we can expect to see Android running on one of these puppies.

Dell are well known for their relatively cheap and fully customisable PC options. It would be nice if they would one day extend this sought-after concept into the mobile phone industry, too.  Although it’s pure speculation, the concept could prove popular. Outside of China, we have not yet seen a mass production of mobile phones that are also configurable at a low level (think camera resolution, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc). Given its open nature and flexibility, this feat will prove more straightforward with the Android OS and could easily be the OS of choice.

The WSJ claim that Dell will be focusing on the higher end of the market, such as ‘smartphones’ that offer mobile internet and web browsing. We cannot help but wonder how much clout these facts truly have, since the upcoming MWC would be the perfect play ground for Dell to make a big splash, but so far there has been no talk of Dell actually attending.