Liking the fact how Google Now can turn into your personal weatherman and travel guide? There’s actually more to the all-knowing assistant than that. If you find it hard to keep up with the new functionalities that Google keeps adding to Google Now, here’s where you can familiarize yourself with the cards.

But first, what are cards again? Basically, the cards on Google Now contain various information that Google deems useful for you. They automatically appear based on your location and the current time. The information itself is taken from your calendar entries, previous search entries, web history, Gmail messages and more.

As of now, there are over 25 cards that Google Now can display. From activity summary card, which tracks how far you’ve been walking or biking during the past month, to stocks card and more – you’re likely to be amazed – at least during the first few instances — at how Google seems to display the information you need at the right time.

One example is the public transit card, where relevant schedules are shown “when you’re near a bus station, train station, or other public transit stop.” Then there’s the traffic card, which shows real-time traffic condition just before you start to commute so you can choose the quickest route to your destination.

Sports fans aren’t left out as well. If you do a Google search on Houston Rockets once or twice, your Google Now screen is bound to display score updates from Jeremy Lin’s team throughout the season. It’ll come in handy when you missed a game.

If you’re seeing cards you’re not particularly interested in getting again, you can simply turn the notification off or set it to low priority by first clicking on the card’s setting. This should work for most notifications.

Google Now is also integrated with Google’s Voice Actions. You can launch apps, schedule meetings, check when your next meeting is, set alarms, place a phone call, identify songs, post to Google+, and more. Click  here to find the complete list of Voice Actions commands.

All in all, Google Now is a pretty nifty offering from the search engine giant. Seeing that it is only half a year old, we can expect more great cards and functionalities to come in the not-so-distant future. It doesn’t hurt to learn all of the available cards right now by checking out the full list on Google’s Inside Search website.

So, what’s the verdict on Google Now – creepy, useful, or both?

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