Motorola Unknown

Motorola Unknown

There are a couple of new Motorola devices floating around that look a little bit like someone found them at the bottom of their school bag. I’ve collected together the different images for both devices and bundled them into the couple of montages shown below.

We really have very little to go off on these. It is possible that one of them might be called the ZN4 [unlikely, Moto has a Krave ZN4 already, though it has a similar body style. -editor], but even this is just down to some random guesswork. Either way, there is a clam-shell/flip-phone device and a standard candy-bar touch-screen as well. The flip-phone would be nice if inside the clam was some kind of real keyboard. As it is, it appears as though it’s a touch-screen only device hiding inside another touch-screen only device. Odd.

Anyway, I cannot say I’m particular taken with either design, so let us wait and see what the future brings in terms of specifications.


James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.