Unlike other main players in the Android ecosystem – including Motorola, Samsung and LG – HTC has kept a rather low profile when it comes to Android tablets. The company launched two devices last year, the 7-inch HTC Flyer (branded as the EVO View 4G in the U.S. by Sprint) and the 10-inch HTC Jetstream (an AT&T exclusive 4G LTE device), but neither model managed to successfully compete against the iPad, or any other Android tablet for that matter.

But it appears that HTC is not quite ready to give up the fight in the tablet department. The company has told PC Advisor that it’s working on a new Android tablet, without giving away too many details. However, the company wants its new tablet to bring some unique feature(s) to the tablet business:

Although there’s no release date for this mystery tablet yet, we were told that the firm would wait until it had something unique to offer. HTC is developing the tablet and will make sure it has a unique selling point, the spokesperson said.

Considering that any new Android tablet that will come out in the near future will have to face the iPad, on one hand, and the Google Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire 2, on the other hand, it will certainly be interesting to see what path HTC chooses. Will the company come out with another 7-inch version, a Flyer 2 if you will, that’s more affordable yet ready to take on the Nexus 7 and the Fire 2, or will we see a new 10-inch Jetstream version out in stores at some point in the foreseeable future?

I’d venture out and say that HTC may be more interested in coming out with a cheap 7-inch device rather than a 10-inch tablet, although we don’t really have any details on the matter at this time. And I’d say the device will come with a brand new, “unique” name – maybe the company will include it in its One family rather than calling it the Flyer 2 or Jetstream 2. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Meanwhile, is anyone excited to hear HTC is still interested in coming out with a competitive Android tablet? Or are you already sold on the Nexus 7?

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