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Uniclau: Logging in to your online accounts by just scanning QR codes

June 27, 2012

It may be safe to assume that an average Internet user has more than 2 user accounts in a variety of places such as social networking sites, e-mail providers, cloud storage, blogs, apps, and more. Having multiple accounts and passwords to remember is quite a hassle and confusing them with each other can spell a headache.

It isn’t a problem if you’re using your own computer where you can set your browser to remember all your respective accounts and passwords, but what if you have to use another computer? What’s even worse is you might get some of your accounts hacked in the process. Uniclau is a great solution to this, enabling you to access your accounts just by scanning a QR code with your phone.

Uniclau is an authentication service that allows you to access a particular account of yours through QR code scanning. Just allow the app to access your account credentials by adding them to the app. Then the app automatically feeds in the necessary data for a particular account once you scan the code with your phone. It acts like a master key to unlock your underlying accounts and passwords.

Using the app

For the app to work, you need to install Uniclau on your Android phone and the browser extension on your computer.  Uniclau has browser plugins and extensions for the major Web browsers.

Once everything has been installed, you will now be able to see Uniclau-generated QR code floating over any service log in page. Before you can use the service, you first have to configure a master email address to the app which will hold all your account and password information.

Once prompted to log in for an account, just open the app, scan the code, feed in the relevant information (the email account that you configured) and tap the Request button to automatically log in.

The functionality that this app brings really makes it convenient and easy to log in to all your online accounts. Also, the app supports almost every web service and you can have as many accounts as you want since there is no restriction to the number of credentials that you can store.

Additionally, the app provides security features to prevent your credentials from falling into the wrong hands. There is an option to configure a 4-digit PIN which will provide additional security such as when your phone gets lost, preventing other people who might find it from using the app and access your underlying credentials.

There are also other security options such as using a system-generated PUK, identifying a list of trusted Uniclau users who could help retrieve your password, or if necessary, revoke the account on your lost phone.

Uniclau has definitely got you covered in terms of an innovative, convenient, and secure login mechanism to your online accounts. You can enjoy all of its handy functional features without any charge. Download Uniclau from the Google Play Store.