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The 6 most underrated games for Android: May 2013 edition

A lot of popular games tend to overshadow the underrated ones out there. So we went in search for some of the most underrated games on the Play Store for May 2013! Read on to find out more!

Published onJune 5, 2013

underrated games
There are a lot of fun games on the Google Play Store, but it’s difficult to find a game that isn’t overshadowed by a game that has millions of downloads and high ratings. So just like last month, we’ve gone into the depths of the Google Play Store searching for some of the best underrated games, and we’re back to show you what we’ve found. As usual, if you’d rather watch the video, just head down to the bottom of the article.

Attack of the Wall Street Titan


First up on our list is Attack of the Wall Street Titan, which is a very underrated game. As the title implies, this game focuses on the people who work on Wall St, commonly known as the one percent, and lets you take control of a giant robot to lay waste on them without getting in trouble. It’s a very fun smash-em-up arcade game.

Here’s how it works. An anonymous hacktivist hacks the giant robot and gives you control over it. After taking control, you use the war machine to take on the military, police officers, and rich people. It’s really easy to play, and the humorous political theme makes it all the more better, however, the game can get annoying if you don’t turn off the pop ups that explain in detail what every single power up does.

We’ll admit it, this underrated game is certainly cheesey, but that doesn’t discount how much fun it is. After all, it’s free, so it’s worth giving a quick try.

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Cardinal Quest

Next on our list is Cardinal Quest, an old school game. How old school are we talking? Considering that checkerboard tiles are on the map, Cardinal Quest will take you back to the days of the SNES. It’s a dungeon crawler RPG with some very simple controls and an easy going attitude.

So how simple are the controls? Very simple — the only thing you’ll really be doing is tapping. Tap in any direction you want to move, and the same thing for combat. There’s also an inventory and map that you can access to give the game a bit more meat than just tapping, but the game’s biggest strength is how easy it is to pick up and play.

Being an old school RPG, Cardinal Quest certainly isn’t going to appeal to everyone, thus its underrated game status. It’s still a lot of fun though, and worth a try.

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EDGE Extended

Edge Extended

EDGE Extended is an interesting game — it’s all about shapes. You move shapes around to reach the end of a puzzle. It’s not very complex though, so if you’re looking for a challenge, it might be wise to look elsewhere. This is one of those games that you’d quickly play on lunch break at work, etc.

The controls are fairly easy. You simply slide your finger across the screen and it will move the cube accordingly. You’ll also be climbing some walls, avoiding traps, triggering events, and even ride on the shoulders of a really cool giant polygon robot. Despite its simplicity, there are a few complicated parts, but nothing too head scratching.

Given its simplicity, it’s understandable as to why EDGE Extended is an underrated game, however, there’s still some fun to be had!

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Oil Rush

Oil Rush

When Oil Rush was first announced, it was a game many people were looking forward too. Unfortunately, and due to the system requirements, the game has lost a lot of media attention. To place this game, you’re device will need to be running a Snapdragon processor. Bad news for Exynos and Tegra fans.

Oil Rush is a real-time strategy game. A lot of strategy games simply don’t work on Android, but Oil Rush does it right, though, when it comes to gameplay, it does play like your average real-time strategy game. You collect resources, build, upgrade your stuff, and then attack your enemies. While that may sound pretty average, for an Android game, Oil Rush is gorgeous in the graphics department.

With its lack of media attention and the fact that it is limited to a small number of devices, Oil Rush is a very underrated game. If you have a supported device on hand though, you’re in for hours of fun.

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One Epic Knight

One Epic Knight

If you’ve been a fan of Temple Run and its successor Temple Run 2, you’re going to love One Epic Knight. Now, Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are certainly not classified as a underated game, but One Epic Knight sure is. It’s like your normal runner game with a twist. You can switch lanes, jump, slide, collect times, and even use those items.

You’ll have a sword and shield, which you can use to defeat enemies and break traps. Furthermore, and like Temple Run, you can collect coins which can later be used to purchase power ups. So in a way, One Epic Knight is Temple Run with a few combat elements mixed in. This underrated game is free though, so it’s certainly worth giving a try.

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Pixel Towers


Last up on our underrated game list is Pixel Towers. This particular game focuses on the ability to place a block in the exact same place over and over again for all eternity — or until you get bored and close the app. Like a few games on our list this time around, it’s quite simple and will only last you a good 10 – 15 minutes of fun at a time.

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Underrated Games Wrap Up


If you take a look at out leaderboard, you can check out how these apps stack up against each other. These are all based on Google Play Store ratings and downloads, so there’s no bias on our part.

Of course, there’s bound to be more underrated games out there. After all, the Play Store has nearly one million apps available. So if you’ve got a favorite underrated game you’d like to talk about, let us know about it in the comments below!

Did you try any of these games? Which one seems the most interesting?

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