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Undelete App for Recovering Deleted Files on Android

February 28, 2012

Accidentally deleting important files from your phone’s SD card is really disappointing, particularly if the accidental deletion involves important files, application databases, and multimedia content. Luckily, an application called Undelete for Root Users (developed by Fahrbot Mobile) is here to save the day.

Restoring deleted files will never be the same again, as the application manages to recover deleted files within your Android smartphone. There will be no more need for third-party applications that you need to install on your PC, as the Undelete application for Android fulfills its role in helping you recover your deleted files as quickly as possible.

Here is a short list of notable features that the Undelete for Root Users app supports:

  • Restores any file that has not been written over
  • Securely wipes/shreds files
  • Works with documents, images, video, music, archives, and binaries
  • Supports batch operations
  • Supports custom restore folders
  • Previews media files

However, Undelete requires users to have root access on their phone for the app to fully work.  So, if you don’t have a rooted phone, be sure to root yours before installing the application.


When you first start the app, Undelete makes a full scan of your phone’s device storage or SD card, then lists the files that can hopefully still be recovered. The application supports over 1,000 different file types, so whatever file type that you come across, there’s no need to worry, as Undelete is smart enough to help you out in your recovery crusade.

Users will praise the application’s recovery system, as it sorts the deleted files into different categories such as music, images, videos and files regardless of their file type. Users just need to select a category and all the possible recoverable files are listed there.

Media files can also be previewed before being recovered, saving you time from recovering unwanted files. However, not all files detected can be recovered. Files that are corrupted beyond repair are not recoverable.

Currently, this version of Undelete only supports FAT-formatted SD cards which means that only external SD cards are supported.

Undelete can also securely wipe and shred files in an instant. So, if you have some sensitive files that you have kept in your phone, then this feature is quite handy for wiping files that you don’t want to keep or share to anyone else. Basically, the shredding feature wipes out all traces of the deleted file.  Whatever recovery software you use, “shredded” files will never be recoverable by any means.

The trial version is limited to recovering media files, but purchasing the Undelete Key Unlocker will let you unlock the full functionality of the application.

Try it out for yourself and recover those deleted files. The application is quite useful in sticky situations, for quick recovery and restoration.  You can download the Undelete for Root Users trial version from the Android Market or go elite by purchasing the Undelete Key Unlocker (also from the Android Market).