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Following the TSA's lead, uncharged devices also banned from UK flights

Following the TSA's example, the UK is now banning uncharged electronic devices from certain flight routes.
July 9, 2014

In an effort to try to thwart terrorism, the TSA is now requiring electronics, including Android smartphones, to be able to power on during security checkpoints at certain overseas airports. During a checkpoint, if a TSA agent requests for an electronic device to be powered on and you’re unlucky enough for it to not have enough charge, your device will be not be allowed on an aircraft. This is due to the fear that the device could have had the internals removed and replaced with explosives.

According to the Telegraph, these security measures are also now being implemented for flights in the UK for all electronic devices. “Passengers may notice additional security measures on some routes both to and from the UK,” said the Transport Secretary for the Department for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin. The Department for Transport has not specified which routes will be affected. “For obvious reasons we will not be commenting in detail on the measured or the routes affected,” added McLoughlin.

Quick and to the point, McLoughlin stated the following:

Make sure your electronic devices are charged before you travel. If your device doesn’t switch on, you won’t be allowed to bring it on the aircraft.

Luckily, if your gadget is not able to be powered on during a security checkpoint, options have been set in place to make sure you see your device again upon your return. What is your opinion on these new policies? Do you feel it is necessary to make sure you and other passengers have a safe flight?