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Unannounced KitKat-running LG handsets spotted online: LG-D830, LS740 and others

Several unannounced LG handsets running KitKat has been spotted online including the LG-D830 and the LG-LS740. Read on for more details!
January 12, 2014
LG Logo CES 2014 AA-2

LG may soon launch a variety of new Android devices that will run KitKat out of the box without necessarily being flagship handsets.

Until KitKat, we expected new low- to mid-range Android devices that would be unveiled in the months following Google’s release of the latest Android OS available not to run that OS. But Android 4.4 changes everything in that regard, as it’s supposed to work on devices with at least 512MB of RAM. That not only means that much older Android devices could be updated to KitKat, at least in theory, but that upcoming budget handsets should also run KitKat without issues.


Phone Arena reports that several unannounced LG Android handsets were spotted over at HTML5Test, and they all appear to run Android 4.4 KitKat. The list includes several model numbers that aren’t associated with any of the existing LG handsets, including, LG-D830 (screenshot above,) LS740 (screenshot below,) LG-D410, LG-D320, and LG-MS323.

The LG-D830 has been spotted online in late November, and its model number is sort-of similar with the Nexus 5’s (which has model numbers LG-D820 and LG-D821,) although that doesn’t mean much at this point. What we know about it is that it runs KitKat (according to the browser test,) and has a Full HD display and LTE support (according to an user agent profile sighting).


The LS740 seems to be an KitKat device heading to Sprint soon, and the device has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG, in a December 12 listing that identifies it as an LG LTE mobile phone. For what it’s worth, the LS720 is Sprint’s LG F3 announced last year. Other LG handsets launched by the carrier had the “LS” particle in their model numbers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have commercial names for these recently spotted Android devices, so we can’t but wait for mode details to be revealed in the near future, especially as we approach the next major tech event of the beginning of the year, MWC 2014, where LG may make several new product announcements.