The age of eye-tracking technology is here. Although we aren’t completely certain what kind of eye-tracking the next big thing from Samsung will feature, LG has confirmed that several eye-tracking features will be rolling out to the Optimus G. On top of these two manufacturers, now an Israeli-based startup by the name of uMoove is showing off their own software-based tracking solution.

While LG and Samsung’s eye-tracking efforts are aimed at specific handsets, uMoove hopes for something less restrictive. According to the company’s CEO Moti Krispil, the eye-tracking toolkit will intially work for iOS and Android devices, though other platforms might eventually get support.

So what makes uMoove special? The software was originally developed as a way to help assist disabled individuals through the use of both eye and head tracking. Although helping those with disabilities still remains part of the plan, the company also hopes to utilize it for other types of users as well.

Some of the things that their software tool kit is capable of includes the ability to control games, books, web scrolling and even pausing of videos.

It isn’t just about working with a wide range of software platforms, they want to be able to reach out to a wide range of hardware, too. To do this, uMoove is confirmed to work with even very low-resolution front-facing cameras.

As for when it is coming, uMoove hopes to have the tool kit out within a few months and has already opened up registration for those interested in getting their hands on it.

Due to nondisclosure agreements, uMoove can’t reveal any manufacturers or even developers they are working with right now, but says that they have been working with several large device manufacturers.

Is there any way that Samsung or even LG could be one of these partners? It is hard to say, though we will likely know more about Samsung’s possible involvement later tonight when the Galaxy S4 is officially unveiled.

Andrew Grush

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