Ultralingua Dictionaries review

What is Ultralingua Dictionaries?

Ultralingua Dictionaries is essentially the dictionary app to have. It features over 35 languages and includes a lot of extra features. It’s likely that most people who would need something this intense are professionals and students but pretty much anyone who wants a ridiculous dictionary can find a use for this.

The app works like you’d expect any dictionary app to work. You can look up words in multiple languages and it will tell you the definition. Ultralingua Dictionaries also includes things like regional variations of words, idioms, and language pairings. It’s pretty much your go-to for words no matter what language your speaking and it also saves space because you don’t need to get individual dictionary apps in multiple languages.

The interface is minimal and simplistic. It focuses more on displaying information than looking good and there’s nothing wrong with that. That said the interface is a little outdated and we would’ve liked to have seen a little more Holo-style or even Material Design-style than is present. You get the English dictionary and English thesaurus for free but every other dictionary requires you to buy them via in app purchases.

Ultralingua Dictionaries review

More words than you can shake a stick at.


Very powerful dictionary app with multiple language support and complex pairing support.
Idioms, regional variations, etc are nice touches.
Perfect for academics and professionals.
It works well even if you misspell a word or mess up a conjugation.
The English dictionary and thesaurus is free.
The interface is simple to use.


While the interface is simple to use, it could still use a little more polish.
All extra dictionaries cost money ranging from a couple of bucks to over $10USD.
Language support is impressive but incomplete. There are plenty of oft spoken languages that are absent such as Arabic.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a powerful dictionary app. One of the most powerful that we’ve ever seen on Android. There could be a few more languages supported and we assume that those will be added over time. Due to the prices, this is more likely something for academics, students, and professionals rather than your casual user. If you still want to check it out, click the button!

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