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Launch your UI and UX web design career and save 98%

Take advantage of the digital world and launch an exciting career in UI and UX design. Get started now for under $15.
March 20, 2020
UI and UX design

Web design is one of the most exciting and creative jobs that you can explore. As more and more businesses invest in their digital presence, they need qualified designers to make pages pop. You can become an interfaces and experiences design expert with the Ultimate UI and UX Designer Bundle. We’re spotlighting it right now because it’s on offer with a promo code.

This beginner-friendly learning kit breaks the UI and UX processes down into four modules. Not only can you explore the hands-on processes but you can also dig into hours of theory. You can learn what it takes to succeed in the field of web design and how to sharpen your skills.

Learn the essential Adobe creative skills you need to succeed.

Similar to many creative careers, the Adobe Creative Cloud is a UI and UX designer’s best friend. So much so that two of the four modules in the learning kit are dedicated to Adobe XD and Illustrator. You can learn how to build wireframes and implement your colors in XD. Furthermore, you can wireframe and design websites with the power of Illustrator and vector artwork.

The final module in the learning kit puts your UI and UX skills to the test by combining Dreamweaver and JavaScript. You’ll use everything you’ve practiced so far to create an interactive portfolio and show off your skills. As always, you can pick the modules you want to complete but the portfolio can help your work shine.

The Ultimate UI and UX Designer Bundle

The UI and UX Designer Bundle:

The four modules in the Ultimate UI and UX Designer Bundle have a combined retail value of $800 but you can save over 98% right now. You can get started for only $14.40 with the promo code SPRINGSAVE40 at checkout. It’s a great price to start learning new tech skills.

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