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Become an SQL sorcerer with the ultimate database bootcamp

Dominate Big Data with 19 hours of SQL and Python content for only $17. Target a data-driven career for 2020.
December 18, 2019
The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle

The world around us is brimming with data, and companies need bright minds to manage it. There are numerous ways that the pros wrangle their databases and reveal trends. You can learn a few of the big-hitting tools with the Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle. It’s available this week for just $17.85 with our promo code.

You can’t even begin to talk about Big Data without talking about SQL. It’s the beginning, middle, and end when it comes to dealing with databases.

Build the skills you want to market.

With this online bootcamp, you’ll work through 19 hours of content and build the skills you want to market. You’ll start with the basics including how to install SQLite and other helpful versions, but you can skip ahead if you’ve already got SQL experience.

To go from database zero to SQL hero, you’re going to have to integrate some strong Python coding skills into your utility belt. Luckily, all of the modules in this beginner-friendly learning kit cover aspects of the general-purpose language to get you familiar. You’ll learn all of the skills you need to run API testing and other Python modules as well as some hands-on projects.

The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle

Ultimate SQL Bootcamp highlights:

The six courses included in the Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,200. However, you can get all of them for only $17.85 by using the promo code MERRYSAVE15 at the Tech Deals checkout. You can pick up your bundle and target a data-driven career in 2020.

The deal only has a few days left to run so hit the widget below to sign up.

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