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Deal: Launch into music production for just $25

Produce music with the programs used by the pros. Take 97% off retail and make music easier than you ever thought possible.
November 1, 2019
The Ultimate Music Production Bundle

Not everyone can sing or play an instrument. However, learning music production and building beats for clubs or artists can still let you tap into your inner musician. You can learn the programs that the pros use with the Ultimate Music Production Bundle for only $25 right now.

This bundle is a perfect opportunity to dive head-first into music production using top tools such as Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9. Ableton Live 9 is a music sequencer and workstation, perfect for fine-tuning your next jam. Once you’re performance-ready, you can use Ableton to show off your live DJ skills too.

Learn pro skills in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, and Garageband

The main focus of this learning kit is the MacOS program Logic Pro X. It’s like having a full-scale recording studio housed in your computer. You will have special hands-on tutorials in songwriting, audio mastering, and even composition for TV and film. If your goal is to be the next Ramin Djawadi for House of The Dragon, mastering Logic Pro X is the perfect way to start.

Another great lesson in the learning kit will help you blend GarageBand and Logic Pro X together. It’s tough to have a full band of instruments around your computer to record, so use GarageBand instead. The basic understanding you gain in Garageband will help to elevate your overall abilities by fine-tuning between both programs.

The Ultimate Music Production Bundle

Music Production Bundle highlights:

The combined retail value of these seven courses is a whopping $1,100, and watching someone listen to music you produced is priceless. We’re in desperate need of someone to take over producing for Kanye West anyway (these 20-minute albums just aren’t enough.) Grab the Ultimate Music Production Bundle for just $25 during this promotion, if not for yourself then for the future of music.

This deal will disappear before Kanye announces another unfinished album, so hit the button while there’s still time.

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