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Earn your AWS spurs for an exciting new cloud career

Dive into an exciting new career on the wave of AWS. Save over 97% on training in one of the top cloud services platforms.
January 23, 2020
Ultimate AWS Data Masterclass

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is slowly taking over the world. More and more business infrastructure is on the cloud, and most of that sits on AWS servers.  Instead of lamenting this fact, you can climb aboard the gravy train and prepare for an exciting new tech job.

The Ultimate AWS Data Masterclass can be your one-stop guide, and it’s 97% off this week.

Whether you’re completely new to the wide world of AWS or you already have some skills, this masterclass should have something new for you. You can work through a total of nine different modules covering DevOps, cloud security, and so much more. Overall, the learning kit includes 32 hours of content broken down into bite-sized lessons you can absorb on the fly.

AWS reaches almost all aspects of online life.

The possibilities of what you can do with an AWS career are practically endless. As one of the top cloud services platforms, it reaches almost all aspects of online life. You can work through Kubernetes and learn how to deploy containers. If that’s not your cup of tea you can dive into Ansible and Jenkins to learn more about DevOps.

This learning kit takes you from zero to hero before you know it, with certificates of completion to prove your new skills on your resume.

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Ultimate AWS Bundle highlights:

The nine modules included in the massive Ultimate AWS Data Masterclass bundle have a combined retail value of almost $1,700. However, you can get them all for just $39 and save over 97% on retail from Tech Deals.

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