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UK carrier EE wants customers to pay a fee to quickly talk to customer service

Quickly speaking to a representative costs $0.83 during business hours.
August 18, 2014

EE is a UK wireless carrier and broadband provider that is owned by both Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

Recently, EE came up with a new idea to make a few extra dollars. If subscribers of EE call customer service and want to go to the front of the queue, they could pay money!

Specifically, those looking to quickly speak to a representative can pay a flat fee of $0.83 during business hours. If you don’t pay this fee, EE is now stating that you should expect to wait even longer.

“Adding fuel to the fire are comments by an EE spokesperson that suggest the priority service means calls from customers that don’t pay the charge will take longer to be answered, PC Pro reported citing an article in the Mirror newspaper.” – FierceWireless

Therefore, customers are outraged at this move and are making it known to EE who face a customer backlash.

Long-standing customers reacted badly to the move, which is being offered to all EE subscribers except its pay-as-you-go users. Subscribers vented their fury on Twitter, with several branding the move “disgusting” and stating they would switch to a rival operator when their EE contract expires, according to reports by the BBC and the Independent. – FierceWireless

Based on previous research by Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK,  EE receives the most complaints for broadband services.