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uFXloops Music Studio - Indie app of the day

uFXloops Music Studio is a new application that allows you to use samples and instruments to create your own beats and sounds. It's free to try so why not try it?
July 11, 2014

What is uFXloops Music Studio?

uFXloops Music Studio is a music studio application that allows you to create custom music tracks through the use of samples. Using samples you can create your own instruments, your own beats, your own music, and eventually export to a number of audio formats. It’s a fairly complex application with a lot of features.

The first thing we noticed about this app is the busy interface. It’s not bad but it will take the average user some time to get used to but that’s because there is a lot to do in this application. You can edit samples, edit instruments, construct your music, and a bunch of other stuff that musicians will appreciate. Once you learn your way around the interface it’s not difficult to use. There is just that slight learning curve right there at the beginning.

I’m not a musician so I’m not entirely certain which features musicians will appreciate the most but there are a ton of features in this app. You can create and edit your own instruments and samples as well as important instruments and samples. If you’re having trouble finding some, the app has a website that features community-maintained sounds and samples for you to download and use. Really, at that point, it’s just about finding the sounds you want, editing them to create more sounds that you want, and then arranging them in the editor.

uFXloops Music Studio review
Among other things, there is a pattern editor so you can create drum beats easier, live tempo shifting, pitch shifting, the standard stuff like volume mixers, and many other features. Thankfully the core app is free to download and use so you can get a real feel for the application before you buy into the app. If you’re a musician or you like to create and arrange music, it’s worth giving this app a chance.