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Udemy full Android app review

Udemy is an educational platform that just released their Android app. In this review, we'll look it over, see how it works, and see if its any good.
January 19, 2014
Udemy is an educational platform that offers thousands of courses in hundreds of subjects. It’s a great way to shore up some knowledge in a subject or learn a subject for the first time. Recently, they released an Android and iOS app so you can take the learning mobile. Is it any good? You can keep reading to find out or, if you don’t want to read, we have our video review posted above.

Udemy Android app review


So what does this app do? It’s essentially a wrapper application for Udemy’s online learning platform. Using this app you can browse, purchase, and view content in a variety of courses that range from learning a second language to software development, cooking to graphic design, and pretty much everything in-between.

So here’s how it works. You browse courses until you find you like. You can then buy it using in-app purchases and you have immediate access to all of the video lectures available. You can stream videos if you so choose or you can download them for offline viewing later. The UI is very simple and that makes the app itself easy to use.

In terms of design, it follows many of the standard Android design elements including the slide out left-side menu and the swipable tabs. There isn’t a lot in the app aside from videos, course listings, and the courses you’re enrolled in.

A couple of fun things I’d like to mention. There is auto-sign in for Google+ and Facebook which is nice. In app purchases take place just like any other so you can purchase courses using your Google Wallet account or even bill your carrier which is also nice if you have that option. I’ve had no problems getting videos to stream or download so no issues there.

Udemy Android app review

How can I use this?

So how can you use this? Simply put, you can use it to learn. The app offers courses in virtually everything I could think of and they add more all the time. So if there’s a subject you’ve been meaning to check out and haven’t had the time or can’t afford to take the courses in a college environment, this app helps fill that void.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re a current user of Udemy, the website will sync with the app so you can continue learning on your computer or your mobile phone no matter which interface you use, which we found useful.

Udemy Android app review

The Good

Okay so here’s the good stuff.

  • The app UI is very simple and follows Android’s design recommendations. Thus, it is very easy to navigate.
  • The sheer number of available courses alone make this app at least worth checking out. I found classes for languages, cooking Italian food, and even video game development in the first 10 minutes alone.
  • There is Google+ sign in. A+ Udemy.
  • The ability to download video lectures for offline use is particularly handy if you’re a frequent user of subways, airplanes, or being in places without internet.
  • Lastly, it syncs with its online counterpart rather well.

The Bad

And here are some things we think could be improved.

  • The interface’s simplicity is also one of its weaknesses. You can’t sort or search through courses you’re enrolled in, you can only view them, and even though you can search available courses, you can’t sort them based on any criteria. Thus, the app experience is not as rich and interactive as the website experience.
  • The sign in is a bit wonky. The app allows Facebook, Google+, and native account sign in. The website allows only Facebook and native account. I was able to get my content synced by signing in with Google+ on the app and Facebook on the website likely because I use the same email for both. But if you don’t have a Facebook and intend on using the website, you may need to create a native account so you can sync.
  • I had some problems finding where downloaded videos are located. I had assumed there would be a folder in my SD card directory but I had to go digging in the Android/data directory in order to find them. Also, the videos aren’t properly named so if you want to access these things outside of the app, good luck.

Udemy review

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a must have application for people who are looking to learn more things. There are a vast number of courses available in an equally impressive number of subjects and more are being added daily. The interface is simple and functional, if a little bare bones in the feature department and the sign-in and file management could use a little work.

The issues aren’t nearly bad enough to outweigh the positive elements of this app so if you’re looking for a chance to learn some new skills or pick up some new hobbies, this is an amazing application to get. After all, learning is good for the brain. It’s free in the Play Store so the only thing you have to pay

Get it on Google Play
for are the actual courses. Dollar for dollar, it’s cheaper than taking these same courses in a college setting. If you want it, we have the download link down below.