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Use UCCW and TSF Launcher to mimic Ubuntu Phone look and feel (Update: How to video is out now!)

Ubuntu Phone is an exciting new mobile OS that will be coming out soon. Unfortunately, the only Android phone getting it officially right now is the Galaxy Nexus. Now there is a way to mimic the look and feel without having to buy a Galaxy Nexus.
January 18, 2013
ubuntu phone
Ubuntu Phone has been a very exciting development. It’ll be available as soon as next February. However, it will only be available for the Galaxy Nexus. That launched a lot of sad faces as not everyone owns a Galaxy Nexus. There may be a way for people to get a similar experience without buying a Galaxy Nexus.

Armando Ferreira posted a video on YouTube outlining how to give your phone the looks and (some of the) functionality of the Ubuntu Phone. If you want to watch it, we’ve posted it below. It isn’t an overly difficult process to achieve. Mostly, it’s a conglomeration of applications working together to give the effect.

The two apps mentioned right off are Ultimate Custom Widget, better known as UCCW, and TSF Shell. UCCW is free, but TSF Shell is going to run you a surprisingly high $16.81 USD. So if you do plan on theming your phone up, it’s going to cost you.

You can see the results below and it’s a pretty good copy of the Ubuntu Phone interface. Of course, there are a number of Ubuntu Phone features you won’t get. Things like the lock screen, the gallery, and the home screen layout come pretty close.

So how do we apply this theme to make it look like Ubuntu Phone?

Armando Ferreira doesn’t give the specifics on how he made the phone look that way exactly. He does promise that he’ll upload a second video sometime today that will show people how to get the theme exactly as he has it in the video. So keep an eye on his YouTube channel.

When it comes to fun new operating systems, Android always seems to find a way to emulate them. There are launchers in the Google Play Store that emulate the Windows Phone 7 and 8 interface as well as the iPhone. So why not Ubuntu Phone too? Is anyone going to be applying this theme on their device? Let us know how it looks!

The how-to video has been uploaded. You can check it out here!