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Ubuntu phone launch set for early October 2013 'in two large geographic markets'

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth confirmed to the WSJ that Ubuntu phone is going to be launched commercially in early October 2013 in "two large geographic markets."
February 6, 2013

Ubuntu is one of the newest operating systems ready to make a play at least for the third place in the mobile business, behind Android and iOS, but regular users will have to wait until October 2013 to get their hands on Ubuntu phone.

Sure, the battle for third spot seems to be a two-horse race between Microsoft and BlackBerry, but there are plenty of new mobile operating systems that will power some devices in the near future, with Ubuntu being a very interesting one.

Announced a few weeks ago, the Ubuntu smartphone will let users enjoy pretty much the same Linux experience across devices, whether they’re regular computers or mobile devices capable of running Ubuntu.

In its initial presentation, Canonical mentioned that Ubuntu can be installed on a variety of devices that currently run Android – as long as users are comfortable with such procedures, not that we’re advising you to go in that direction – but failed to announce any hardware of its own. Ubuntu phone is not to be confused with the Ubuntu for Android app, with the former being a standalone mobile OS, while the latter is an app that would run on Android devices.

A few weeks after that, we learned that the first Ubuntu phone builds for the Galaxy Nexus – a preferred device to show Ubuntu phone on – will be available in February, but mostly app developers will have access to it.


According to a new Wall Street Journal report, regular customers will have to wait for early October to get their Ubuntu smartphones. Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth apparently confirmed all of this without mentioning actual release dates or whether the company plans to launch specific hardware with its new mobile OS.

Shuttleworth did say that the “new phone operating system will be available in two large geographic markets in October,” without saying whether North America, “absolutely a key market for Ubuntu,” will be part of this first launch wave.

The CEO also revealed that Ubuntu phone “has drawn interest from carriers as well, many of which are [unsurprisingly] eager to break up the smartphone market hegemony of Apple and Google.” Naturally, no carriers have been mentioned by Shuttleworth, so we’re just have to wait for more details to become available.

Will you buy an Ubuntu smartphone (actual hardware) or will you rather have Ubuntu run on your existing Android phone?