The Ubuntu phone is very much real, but unfortunately it’s not available for the general public yet. However, there’s no long to wait now, especially if you happen to own a Galaxy Nexus, a device that has been used by Canonical to show its Ubuntu mobile OS.

According to OMG Ubuntu, the Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus and the source code will be released at some point in “late February,” a lot sooner that we would have anticipated.

Sure, we don’t have an actual release date for you right now, and we have no idea whether the first Ubuntu phone image that’s going to be made available will work on other Android handsets, but we’ll learn more details in due time.

Moreover, we’re not even looking at a final Ubuntu OS version yet, with several components not working properly yet:

During our hands-on with the device we were impressed by its fluidity, touch-gestures, and designed. But there were gaps in its functionality.

For example, we found out that some key parts of the Ubuntu Phone experience, such as the ‘voice controlled HUD’ and an ‘app store’, don’t even exist yet; and many of those that do, such as the webkit-based web browser, are far from complete.

Meanwhile, not that we’re encouraging to install any custom software on your devices, but if you’re comfortable doing it will do so anyway, get your Galaxy Nexuses in order, as Ubuntu is coming.