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Ubuntu not just for "elite" users says Canonical founder

In a blogspot, Mark Shuttleworth hit back at detractors who believe that Ubuntu should continue to be exclusive, because it was "hard." Ubuntu (and Unity) is not just for the leet, he says. Do you agree?
March 9, 2013

Canonical showed of its Ubuntu OS for smartphones and tablets at a event  a few weeks ago, and the response has been quite positive across the board. Of course, there have been some detractors, and the move by the company to other platforms has received it’s fair share of criticism. In a blog post, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, decided to put to rest some of the doubts people have, especially pertaining to the issue that some people consider Ubuntu to be exclusive. I’ve always thought of Ubuntu as a programmer’s OS, at least the initial releases, and many consider it exclusive because it was “hard.”

Leet, Mark Shuttleworth calls them. He goes on to to say that he has zero interest in catering to this crowd, and instead wants to create a free and open platform that is the leader across both consumer and enterprise computing, that is, catering to the masses. He believes that that is exactly what they have with Ubuntu and Unity, and adds that if they plan to move ahead from being a platform for hobbyists, they need to work on Unity to keep up with Android, Chrome, Windows, and iOS.

If you’ve seen the first edition of Android Authority’s “The Friday Debate,” where we talk about which new mobile OS has the best chance of catching on, my personal choice was Ubuntu, with the caveat being how well the reach of the OS extends to the masses, and of course, finding the right OEM partners. With the current mindset, Ubuntu could well be on its way to being a popular platform across PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

You can check out the complete blog post here, where apart from talking about their focus on Unity, he mentions the issue of rolling releases, and addresses what detractors have to say. You can also take a look at our first look of the Ubuntu phone from this year’s CES –

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ubuntu catered to the so-called “Leet?” Do you think Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets is going to be welcome by the masses? Let us know in the comments section below.