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Ubuntu For Android released a video advertisement, but no release date

November 14, 2012
Fans of Linux may be asking why something like this hasn’t happened sooner. There are, after all, ways to install it on a flash drive and run it on virtually any computer. So Canonical asks, why not an Android phone? Thus, the Ubuntu For Android project was born and its aim is to bring easily accessible Ubuntu to Android phones.

To help generate some excitement over the idea, an advertisement for Ubuntu on Android has been released. There are a lot of leaps of logic made in the video, but it keeps it simple for those who aren’t the most Android or Linux savvy. For those who would rather watch than read, the video is at the bottom.

The advertisement is kind of cutesy. It isn’t some software engineer sitting at a desk with a Terminal window open and tossing a bunch of lingo out there. So for hardcore, knowledgeable fans of Linux, this ad may come off as vague and boring. The target is to convince the casual Android owner that they could benefit from being able to turn their phone into a desktop.

It does this by comparing Android phones to computers. By comparing current quad core Android devices with a bunch of storage and RAM to computers with similar specs, it shows that running a desktop environment on Android is possible. The important thing is the ad shows this is an easy to understand manner, which could generate interest from those outside the Ubuntu community.

So when can I try this Ubuntu on Android project?

Well, you can’t yet. The actual project hasn’t been released. This advertisement is strictly for generating curiosity and excitement. As OMG! Ubuntu puts it, it is essentially a teaser video to get people into it.

Whether or not the project will be successful is a coin toss. It is definitely a cool feature and one that a lot of people would enjoy having. It is a little like Motorola’s recently deceased Webtop project. Plugging into a dock and getting a computer desktop is nothing new, but it’ll be very interesting to see how Canonical does it. Is anyone excited for the Ubuntu on Android project? Let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to check out the video below.