U-Stream Studio

If you’ve had dreams of taking up vlogging like Casey Neistat or Jenna Marbles, today’s deal might be right up your alley. You can grab the U-Stream home studio for 60% off on Tech Deals and perfect your setup.

There’s some value to impromptu vlogs that you record while holding your phone, but most of the time you want a professional-looking shot. The U-Stream takes the stress out of your hands. It combines a camera stand with a ring light to let you focus on your video. You can also use the built-in remote control to change your lighting on the fly.

The 10-inch ring light offers three distinct lighting options: white, warm yellow, and warm white, so your lighting is always perfect. You can also adjust the tripod stand between 18 and 52 inches to vlog anywhere. The U-Stream is designed to record with your phone, so just make sure your camera can match the quality of the setup.

U-Stream home studio at a glance:

  • Utilize three distinct lighting options: White, Warm Yellow, and Warm White.
  • You can choose from 10 levels of brightness for the right lighting.
  • The adjustable tripod stand is perfect for desktop or floor use.
  • Use the remote control to modify the ring light.
  • The non-slip rubber grip helps to hold your phone securely while streaming.

The retail value of the U-Stream is $99.99. However, you can grab yours right now for just $39.99 and save 60%. Whatever niche you’re looking to fill in the vlogosphere, you’ll be good to go.

The deal is only temporary, so check it out with the widget below.

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U-Stream Home Studio
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U-Stream Home Studio Buy it Now
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