Moto X

U.S. Cellular is the first carrier ready to take Moto X pre-orders, and the first one to offer a better deal for the handset.

Since only AT&T has Moto X customization options for the handset right now, the U.S. cellular Moto X will come in the default (standard) colors, Woven Black and Woven White.

From the looks of it, only the 16GB model is currently available for pre-order, which retails for $199.99 regularly.

But there are two promotions for U.S. Cellular Moto X buyers, a free Motorola Boom Wireless Headset ($59.99 value) and a $75 Switcher Bonus discount.

The free headset will be available “while supplies last” to buyers that pre-order the handset, while the $75 discount (available as a Master Card debit card) will be available only to buyers that switch to U.S. Cellular from a different carrier. Presumably, this will be an on-going promotion for the handset.

These promotions bring down the price of the Moto X all the way down to $69.99 to buyers that take advantage of both promotions during pre-order. Otherwise, the Switcher Bonus will get new customers a $124.99 on-contract price for the handset.

The full price for the handset is rather steep with U.S. Cellular, at $699.99. The handset will apparently cost $575 or $625, depending on capacity, when bought off-contract with other carriers.