Note2 multi window
Following news of AT&T’s multi-window software upgrade rollout for users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, U.S. Cellular has gone and done the same thing with the release of its very own “Android 4.1.4” software update. The full changelog identifies the baseband version as R950VXALL1, and adds a number of other niceties besides the multi-window software feature.

As you may already know, the multi-window feature is a nice little perk that’s available exclusively to devices in Samsung’s Galaxy range of mobile devices — on select tablets and smartphones — that lets users run different apps through multiple windows all on the same screen. It’s been delivered to a number of different Galaxy Note 2 variants available in the U.S., such as those from T-Mobile and Sprint. U.S. Cellular is the latest to join in on the fun.

As mentioned earlier, this software update also brings much-needed bug fixes to the Galaxy Note 2. The “Burst” mode bug in the camera app that is said to be the culprit for random black images and the faulty Search feature in the My Files app are among those that are supposed to be fixed by the update. There are also a couple of UI changes present in the update, though these are not likely to have a huge impact on the overall user experience.

Here’s a copy of the full changelog:

  • Split screen functionality is supported (Multi-Window)
  • The following U.S. Cellular pre-loads are included:
    • City ID – v. 1.25.1
    • Daily Perks – v. 4.5.14
    • Your Navigator Deluxe – v
    • Tone Room Deluxe – v. 2.0.31
    • Gameloft Portal – v. 2.1.1
    • Mobi TV –
    • Amazon Apps – v. 2.6.53
    • Amazon Audible – v. 1.3.9
    • Amazon IMDB – v. 2.7.0
    • Amazon MP3 – v. 2.7.0
    • Amazon Shopping – v. 2.0.2
    • Amazon Zappos – v. 2.0.2
    • Amazon Kindle – v.
    • Let’s Golf 3 – 1.0.2
    • Slacker Radio 3.2.1062
    • Wi-Fi Now – 4.4.67
  • When taking pictures using “BURST” mode sometimes when you go to gallery pictures would not be displayed they would be black images
  • Devices would occasionally toggle between 3G and 1X which is not customer impacting but could generate calls
  • Could not search image files by “Search” option in My Files application
  • UI changes
    • In drop down menu “Sync” was replaced with “Multi-Window” option
    • Sound icon (4th position) color was changed from Gray to Green

This software update is available as an over-the-air (OTA) download, so for Galaxy Note 2 users under U.S. Cellular, all that needs to be done is to go to the Settings menu and check for the software update under About Device.