The above title is referring to June 23rd, to be specific. With its sights set on grabbing a hefty chunk of the Android market, especially in France where it beat Samsung by a huge margin, invitations are now circulating among various media outlets for a very special date.

What makes this Archos event so exciting is the new Generation 9 tablets they’ll finally reveal to the world. A lot of people griped about Archos being behind the times in the past. Now it’s different as Archos have embraced the Honeycomb OS for their next line of tablets.

Archos Honeycomb invitation

The Generation 9 breed is expected to include a whole variety of sizes, from compact 5″ affairs to heftier 10″ devices. The real kicker though is Archos want to be reasonable when it comes to pricing, thereby staying true to its goals of capturing a respectable segment of the tablet market, which is a really tough cookie to crack. Though Archos scored some success in 2010, it’s currently battling to stay relevant in the ongoing tablet wars.

There’s a lot of specs worth dreaming up for the new Generation 9 tablets and pictured below is a leaked image of what to expect from them, but until the press conference in the Eiffel Tower, it’s anyone’s guess how impressive the new line is going to be.

Archos Honeycomb specs

Down south is a Google translated excerpt of their formal invite over at the Archos HQ (the original was in glorious French):

“Armed with his good results, Archos is about to announce the release its new generation of tablets (Gen 9), but not anywhere gentlemen ladies at the Hotel Ritz Place Vendome PARIS. Mass will be held June 23 at 18:30 and we will make you shake reporting live from the press conference (and yes this is not a public event). Stay there, we’ll have things to announce by then …

At your predictions!”

That was a little too garbled for comfort. In summation, be at the Hotel Ritz at 6:30pm.

Via: Phandroid