image_67Exchange synchronisation clients for Android are always hot news. Unidirectional synchronisation has been something numerous different applications have offered to solve. Now, Wrike are offering an application that provides a two-way sync solution. Ready to ship tomorrow on March 26 from the Android Market, ContactsCalendarSync provides a wireless, automatic, bi-directional synchronization of your Exchange contacts and appointments with your G1 phone.

This new Android tool is available for $24.95 and according to Wrike, the company that produces ContactsCalendarSync, eliminates “the major G1 business-user challenge” by supporting complete two-way Exchange synchronization and an ability to also sync your calendars. A rather bold statement, but based on the number of other Exchange synchronisation tools, the supply is certainly there suggesting a great demand too.

For more information please visit this URL. Here, you can also find useful descriptions on how the whole thing works, along with a handful of screen-grabs of the application.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.