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Here are the first two legitimate renders of what the Samsung GS4 will look like

Want to know what the Samsung GS4 is going to look like? Thanks to the anonymous Twitter user @evleaks, we can now share with you just that!
March 4, 2013

The man or woman behind the Twitter account @evleaks just dropped two huge bombshells on us. They’ve published two renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Should you trust @evleaks? We do. We can’t count the number of times that they’ve published accurate information. In fact, we’re not even sure if @evleaks has ever said anything that was incorrect.

But enough about that, let’s discuss the renders. The device looks more square than the GS3. We’d go so far as to say that it even looks a bit like the original 5.3 inch Galaxy Note. The bezels are insanely thin, which we like, and there appears to be no front facing buttons.

If true, that would be amazing, since that’s the number one complaint we have about Samsung hardware. That and cheap plastic that flexes far too easily.

Looking at the top, the hole for the front facing camera looks massive. Earlier today we filed a report that said the GS4 would include a feature that tracked a user’s eyes while they were reading a web page. When the user reaches the end of the last paragraph, the device scrolls automatically for them. Having an advanced front facing camera is needed for that. Let’s also not forget about all the wide angle stuff HTC has been doing with their front facing cameras. Perhaps this is Samsung taking a lesson from their enemy in Taiwan.

We’re 100% sure that more leaks are going to take place between now and the 14th, when Samsung officially announces the GS4. You’re either going to love the leaks or hate them. This writer falls into the latter camp, but at the same time he also understands that most people love this sort of stuff.

That’s life.