Have you ever been having a great day, strolled into your house, decided to open a few bills, and had the moment of terror when you realize your phone bill much higher then we expected? Fear not friends, for these are avoidable, and are usually due to overages, especially now where almost all the major carriers have gotten rid of unlimited data. Here are some tools that can help cut down those overages, and maybe even allow you to switch to a cheaper plan.

Droid Stats

First up we have Droid Stats, which is a free application in the Android Market, and there’s also a paid version. This is one of my favorites, but my #1 favorite we will cover later in this post. Droid Stats will track your minutes used, text messages sent and received and most importantly — the amount of data you have used. Droid stats also comes with a widget which makes it easier to check whats going on with your usage. In the settings you can set your limit for minutes, texts, and data, you can also set when your billing period is over, so you won’t need to go in to the app and reset everything. Nice!

Download it here 

Data  Manager

Second, my personal favorite is My Data Manager, while it only tracks your data – which is all most people need – it is very helpful, as it also breaks down by app how much data is being used. For me, my biggest data hoggers are Ubersocial, Facebook and Google+ but I am constantly using those. Either way, it’s helped me a lot to know where my data is going, and to keep the heavier stuff on WiFi whenever possible.

Download it here.

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And how about you? Any apps that you find really helpful when it comes to saving money on your Android device? Let us know, we always love hearing from you!