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Twitter working on Instagram-like photo filters

The battle for social network champ just became a little more intense today with the rumor that Twitter is working on something that might worry Instagram.
November 6, 2012
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The battle for social network domination just became a little more intense today. After Instagram introduced their webs client, Twitter seems almost ready, according to, The New York Times, to introduce their new photo filters options for their mobile app users.

In an attempt to take away some of the usefulness of Instagram, Twitter is getting ready to shake things up a bit by offering photo filters. If you do not remember, Instagram became popular mainly because of its really cool vintage photo editing filters and fast uploading time. These two features have helped push the photo-sharing social network of 100+ million users to the top.

Now, what Twitter is hoping will happen is that they can cut the middle man and have users rely their application for everything. It is worth noting that Twitter is also rumored to be working on a video hosting service, as well as this new filter camera option.

What does Instagram’s CEO think about this move? He does not seem too afraid as he was quoted as saying the following on GigaOm’s RoadMap conference: “I don’t think that in anyway threatens Instagram because Instagram is a community and not a filter app.”

Twitter seems to be going after all the major players in the social network landscape. Do you guys think they will make a dent with their new features?