I don’t know about you, but I am probably one of the world’s most obsessive Twitter users, as I pretty much can’t go for more than a couple of hours without checking out new followers and trends or tweeting about God knows what. Of course, I can’t only use Twitter at home, on my computer, which is why for several months now I have been using the official Android app.

Twitter for Android has always felt satisfying, but not great. So you can imagine how happy I am to report that an important update for the app has just been pushed to Google Play and is available for download. And when I say “important”, I am talking about a huge upgrade, involving a redesigned UI and a bunch of cool new features, and not just a regular maintenance update with a couple of bug fixes.

There are three main areas where Twitter has improved its official Android app. First, the Discover tab now lets you find content that matters to you, easier and quicker. For example, you can now see who your connections follow, what Tweets they retweet or marked as favorite, all in a intuitive, organized way.

Next, the search sections have been hugely improved. You now get related search results, suggestions for different spellings, and even auto-complete while tweeting, which for me personally is going to be a big help, as I hate to enter long usernames every darn time I look up someone.

Finally, the Twitter for Android app now has push notifications for Interactions, meaning you’ll be notified as soon as your tweets are retweeted or marked as favorite or when you get a new follower. You can also manage the notifications to your preference, so, for example, you can deactivate push notifications only for retweets and favorites, and still receive messages when someone new is following your account.

Another update that might interest you, even though it’s not as important as the first three, is the added support for eight new languages (Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian and Thai).

The user interface is itself redesigned and significantly more stylish, if you ask me, while the overall performance just feels faster! On the other hand, a bunch of users have voiced their dissatisfaction regarding the removal of the contact sync option on Google Play, as well as about numerous glitches and bugs with the new push notifications system. I didn’t use contact sync before and I haven’t yet had problems with the new push notifications, but it’s pretty obvious that, if so many users have already encountered problems, the Twitter for Android app still needs some elbow grease.

What about you, boys and girls? Have you downloaded the brand spanking new Twitter for Android app from Google Play? Are you satisfied with all the changes and upgrades? Hit us with a comment and let us know!