Twitter for Android

While many seem to complain about the official Twitter for Android app, we suspect that many continue to use it. That thought aside though, the official Twitter app has recently been updated. Those using the app can grab the update from the expected location — Google Play. The update has brought the app up to v3.5.0 where it remains available for free and with support for devices running Android 2.1 or later.

More important here, the changes that have been introduced with Twitter for Android v3.5.0. The goodies include some improvements in terms of search and the Discover tab. Also worth noting, you can now reset your password from the app with a “few simple steps.”

The search improvements include getting photo streams that show what is happening as well as results that show media previews. As for the Discover tab, the update has brought in-line previews of media such as images, videos and articles as well as having tweets appear in the stream.

And finally, there was also the mention of “other” improvements and fixes. All said and done, a seemingly welcomed update.

Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson can be described as a technology blogger, a new media junkie, a distance runner as well as a proud husband and father. More to the point though, he is just an all around geek who loves to write about Android.