Twitter recently released an updated version of its app for Android this July. The newest addition to its features are push notifications and multiple accounts support.

The inclusion of push notifications in this update might be an improvement or a mere redundancy for Android users. It can be a good sign as it levels the field for both Android and iPhone, with the latter already enjoying the feature since last fall. It might also be a little redundant for some, as Android also allows users to be updated of their Twitter whereabouts through the notification bar. This feature however will be appreciated by those who need to check their mentions every now and then.

As for the support for multiple accounts, this update has been long-awaited. Now, Android mobile users can switch and tweet from one account to another, without having to log in and sign out all the time. This feature is much help to businesses, with earlier experience on multiple account support only provided by third-party clients. However, this feature remains to be isolated to Twitter for mobile. Like the push notifications, iPhone users were the firsts to enjoy this feature, back when Twitter for mobile was still a third-party app called Tweetie.

Other updates to version 2.1.1 include an updated home screen widget and bug fixes for HTC users being asked to sign in repeatedly and for cleared notifications once user logs out.

Here is a short video about the Twitter for Android app. For common questions, visit the Twitter Help Center.

via Mashable