Twitter, a micro-blogging super site, has recently released a newly acquired security software for its Android platform. The new software is an open source platform that allows people to freely use, share and expand their thoughts on the site. The software, TextSecure, was developed by Whisper Systems. The new software works by encrypting each text message before they are sent to their respective recipients, thus adding an extra layer of protection for its users. Considering the fact that Twitter is among the widely used social networking sites in the world, it will sure give its users the confidence they need that their tweets will not be accessed by the wrong hands.

Apart from being used by mere individuals, there are also a number of businesses that use Twitter as part of its efforts in bridging their gap with their consumers. Knowing that the new software has this extra layer of protection, they sure can appreciate it more. And also because the app is now an open source software, these businesses will have a better way of marketing themselves in a more personal note.

Even though Android is also an open source program, it did not integrate the Twitter app into its website. Typically, companies who buy good software tend to pull it from their rival systems so they can attract more customers. But in this case, there is no direct benefit, except for a better reputation.

Many feel that this new step taken by Twitter is an initiation of being more than just a social networking site. People feel that the company is turning itself into a software company highly influenced by so many digital markets.

 ‘We’ve always been interested in the ability for individuals and organizations to communicate freely and securely. In the year and a half since Whisper Systems launched TextSecure, we’ve received an enormous amount of thanks, feedback, and encouraging stories from users who have employed TextSecure towards those ends. We hope that as an open source project, TextSecure will be able to reach even more people, with an even larger number of contributors working to make it a great product.’ said the team behind Whisper Systems.

It sure looks like the company has future plans of turning its other software programs into open source too. As they mentioned, they are planning to open source their code in an ‘iterative fashion.’ The only thing delaying this from actually happening is the many legal requirements they need to submit.

Twitter is just one of the many free and paid applications that allow people to encrypt files and manage their own passwords on their Android devices.


To get TextSecure source code, click here.


[Source: ZD Net]