Twitter has begun rolling out an update for its official app, making the conversations more — well, conversational. Rather than hunting down tweets between a series of people, you’ll now see the linear conversation in a thread (vine?). A few comments will be displayed, and the rest are viewable by expanding the conversation.

This brings the official Twitter app a little closer to mainstream social media, at least aesthetically. A simple move like this makes conversations much more approachable, as you don’t feel like the late comer who missed out on something.

The update also brings with it a few other features to allow for wider usage, like optimization for lower end hardware and the infamous “bug fixes”. Users can also report spam or abusive tweets from within the app, and the notification settings have also been altered.

As Twitter takes steps to hinder other apps, it’s taking a few to improve its own. In typical Twitter fashion, users took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. A search for “Twitter Blue Line” within the social service brings up such responses as “Does the Twitter Blue Line show whos’ pregnant and who’s not”, and even has some users threatening to quit. Others are a bit more appreciative of the change, while others think it makes it look like R Kelly is in your stream.

One great thing about the change? The 140 character limit is a bit less obnoxious. Should someone want to go on an extended rant, this helps us follow the downward spiral. Let’s be honest — 140 characters is a little SMS-ish for 2013, and very limiting. It’s good to see Twitter cross that line they set so long ago.