For those of you managing a Twitter account with a high volume of traffic, statistics becomes a bit of an issue. Alternatively, you can be someone who wants to make it big on Twitter and you’ve managed to tap into the right markets and you’re pulling in the followers.

But, with so many followers popping up, how are you going to keep track of all of them? TwiStats, a lightweight widget for Android, solves that problem for you.

At the time of this writing, TwiStats offers what the official Twitter client or numerous other third-party social media aggregators (such as TweetDeck and StreamLife) do not offer yet–keeping track of your Twitter statistics in real-time and all from your phone.

This widget shows your personal Twitter account statistics such as:

  • total amount of Twitter followers.
  • total amount of tweets.
  • how many tweets you have tweeted today.
  • how many followers you’ve gained in a certain time frame (daily, weekly, or monthly).

TwiStats is easy to use. Just enter your Twitter username and you are ready to check your personal statistics. There’s no password required.

The first time you activate this widget, it won’t instantly give you your Twitter statistics. You’ll need to wait up to 24 hours before they start appearing. Once they do, you can check on your statistics 24/7. Tap the Refresh icon on the lower right portion of the screen and you’ll receive statistics updates.

Not only does TwiStats give you your statistics in numbers–it also provides you with a handy graph to see just how well you’ve been doing. It can give you a graphed presentation of your total followers through specific periods of time, as well as the number of followers you’ve gained within the current day.

If you like a little hand-holding when you’re getting accustomed to new apps and widgets, the first time you fire up TwiStats, it will give you a four-step guide on how to set up the widget. It will even provide you with a handy guide, indicating what parts of the widget show which stats.

The instructions are easy to understand and written for Android users of varying experience levels.

Whatever reason you might need TwiStats for, it’s a handy tool for Twitter users who like to be kept up-to-date about their Twitter followers in real-time.

The best part: TwiStats is free. No need to pay to get this handy app on your phone.

To start tracking your Twitter followers using TwiStats for Android, simply download it from the Android Market.