You’re probably asking yourself “Who’s GIT?” That’s a fair reaction as this company is relatively new in the tablet computer market.  The full name is Graphic Imaging Technology Media Group and they’re based in Brooklyn, New York.

They’re not a new company, just a new player in the mobile computing world.  What better way to make a big intro than to come out with two Android Honeycomb tablets sporting hard drives you’d normally only find on heavy-duty desktops.

The tablets are called Surge and Pro and they’re twins. That is they look exactly alike from their form factor to their peripherals. Both have 10.1 inch touchscreens with 1280 x 768 resolution, run on Android OS 3.0, carry 1 GB of RAM, feature the expected Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity options, and of course the highlighted 250 GB internal storage capacity courtesy of Seagate.

The crucial difference is in their brains. The Surge’s 1GHz dual core is an nVidia Tegra 2. Meanwhile the Pro is powered by Samsung’s 1GHz dual core Exynos 4210. That’s the same CPU running the Galaxy S 2 and, based on certain performance tests, one of the currently fastest processors for mobile devices. According to GIT, this strategy in product design and marketing is based on the assumption that processors are actually what set mobile computing devices apart. They say it is the one feature customers greatly consider when choosing brands.

Both tablets are now available for pre-selling on GIT’s website and have the same $479.99 price tag. If the promise of superior hardware capacity holds true, that’s potentially a bargain.

Via GIT Media Group Inc