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Tweet Lanes goes open source

Admitting he can no longer actively improve Tweet Lanes, Chris Lacy has passed the future of the app to the Android community as an open source project.
February 16, 2013
Tweet Lanes

After finding himself too busy with personal matters and development for another app, Chris Lacy has admitted that he can no longer play an active role in improving Tweet Lanes, a Twitter app for Android. That said, he has turned Tweet Lanes into an open source project, passing on the future of the app to the Android community.

Yes, we know there are quite a lot of other apps in the Play Store to manage your Twitter apps. New ones keep appearing and some existing ones have dedicated developers who are still consistently pushing updates and features. But what really sets Tweet Lanes apart from the Twitter app flock is its Holo-themed user interface, intuitive navigating through swiping, multiple account support, and flexible customizations. Leaving the app to die just because its creator can no longer commit is just plain wrong. But by relegating the development work to the community, Tweet Lanes might just receive the time and attention it deserves.

Besides announcing the switch to open source in Google+, Lacy revealed that the only thing he can do for Tweet Lanes is “syncing with the master branch and releasing a signed version of the app to the Play Store a few times a week.” He then continued to list the tasks he can’t commit to such as implementing new features, addressing flaws, feedback response, and more. He hopes that the community, which he suggests should be led by a volunteer dev lead and community manager, can perform those responsibilities to keep the project afloat.

Lacy is still currently looking for volunteers. But if no one steps up, the latest Tweet Lanes update will probably be the last.