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Tweedle: Simple and elegant Twitter client app

September 12, 2012

There are a variety of third-party Twitter apps on the Google Play Store but, among all of them, only one has been granted a seat on my Android phone. I’m not really a Twitter fan, nor am I a hardcore Twitter user who likes to keep my account updated 24/7. A Twitter app that is simple, clean, and has all the basic functions is good for me. If you’re like me, then you will love using the Tweedle for Twitter app on your Android phone. It’s a simple and elegant Twitter client app.

The Tweedle for Twitter app is just like any third-party app for Twitter. With numerous Twitter apps around, this app was able to capture my attention, not with its extended and bountiful features, but with its simple and clean user interface. The app was also buttery smooth when I tested it.

When opening the app, you will be greeted with the app’s opening page which consists of a blue background. You will also find a birdhouse in the middle, with the Tweedle logo and a bird sitting on the roof. You will also find a button below it. Tapping that button will direct you to the app’s main interface. But, before you do so, you will need to access your Twitter account and authorize the app to access your account.

After logging in, you will be directed to the app’s main interface which consists of three sections: Timeline, Mention, and Messages. You can also see the Compose and Search buttons in the upper-right portion of the screen. Going to different sections is also made easy with this app; you will only need to swipe left and right to go to different sections.

The Timeline section lets you view the stream of tweets. Here you can read your friends’ tweets or those from accounts you’re following. You can tap on a tweet to view it. You can also share and reply to a tweet directly from the app.

The Mention section is where you can find tweets that have mentioned your Twitter account. You can also find your messages under the Messages section. The app somewhat follows the default SMS app in most Android phones, where you can see the previous messages of a Twitter user and type your messages in the textbox below.

You can also post your tweets and update your Twitter account via the app. Tap on the Compose button to begin typing your tweets. You can also find buttons that allow you to attach items to your tweets. You can take a picture, attach one from your photo album, and include your location in your tweet. Once done, just tap on the airplane button (left arrow) to send your tweets. You can also tag your friends in your tweets.

The app also allows users to customize its interface. Go to the app’s Settings menu to find options that will allow you to configure and personalize the app. You can pick a theme and change the colors of the app’s interface. You can also enable notification and set a notification tone from every section on the app.

The Tweedle for Twitter app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. You don’t have to worry about ads because you will not find a single ad on the app’s interface. I also liked the app’s simple and smooth interface. The app all has the basic options for you to enjoy your Twitter account. It may not sport complicated features, but its buttery smooth performance and clean interface is surely eye candy to users who don’t like spending time to adapt to an app. Stay tuned for future updates to enjoy new features such as configurable pages, a homescreen widget, support for tablets, and many more.

What do you think of Tweedle for Twitter as your Twitter app on your Android phone? Does its simple-to-use and clean user interface suit your style? Share your thoughts in a comment below.