Yes Tweakdeck, it is spelled right. Tweakdeck is Tweetdeck with a few tweaks from the amazing developers at Modaco. It’s also my personal favorite twitter client for Android. There are a few differences between this app and Tweetdeck, the biggest is that Tweakdeck is blue like the newer version of Tweetdeck for your desktop. It’s also a bit faster and more fluid.

In the newest version of Tweakdeck, there aren’t to many changes. But they did remove the bird at Twitter’s request, and now Modaco’s icon is now part of it. They also made a donate version available which you can download simple by searching “Tweakdeck” in the market.

If you like Tweetdeck, you may want to give Tweakdeck a go. Once I downloaded it and started using it I couldn’t believe how much better it was. You can download it by hitting the source link below. Are you already using Tweakdeck? Let us know how you like it in the comments.