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Hey, wannabe DJs, goes Android, still US only

May 12, 2012 (with a lowercase “t”) was founded in early 2011, with the goal of providing a social music service that would emulate the experience of listening to music in a “real setting”. Users can join virtual rooms where they listen to the tunes played by “DJs”, which are other users that take turns at choosing the playlist.

Users get to vote tracks up and down, and if many users “boo” a track, the app skips to the next DJ. While listening to music, users can have a chat, and, whenever a DJ spot is free, they can hop on the stage to prove their mixing mastery.

Music is better with friends is the motto of, a simple, fun idea that grabbed the attention of high-profile investors, including Lady Gaga and Kanye West, not to mention the hordes of users.

Here’s a video demo of the app, courtesy of LifeHacker:

Up until now, has been available on iOS devices, Facebook, and the web, much to the dismay of many Android fans intrigued by the idea behind the social music platform. Moreover, is currently limited to US-based users, which severely limits the reach of the platform. But hey, one can’t just mess with the RIAA and walk away with it, right?

Today brings some good news and some bad news for fans. The good news is an Android app has finally been released, so if you’ve been dying to show off your deejaying skills, but you just didn’t find the place to do it, now you can go crazy in a virtual club, right from your Android device.

The bad news, is still not open to the 6.53 billion people living outside the US of A. However, the startup’s founders do promise that an international expansion is in the future. We just don’t know when.

So, if you’re intrigued of what you’ve been hearing and you’re RIAA-approved, go to Google Play and get your clubbing fix now, with